Voter Information

Citizens need to be armed with information to be better voters. Use the links below to learn more about voting, Wisconsin, and the issues that matter to you.

League of Women Voters, Whitewater Area
A nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping voters with accurate information.

Wisconsin State Legislature
Find information on current bills before the State Legislature, links to Senators and Assembly people, general information about our State Government

Find your representative
A link for finding your national Representative and Senators, with links to their websites

Voting information for Wisconsin
Are you registered? How can you vote absentee? What do you need when you get to the polling place? Where is the polling place for your new address? All these questions and more can be answered by this site.

Bring It Wisconsin
Yes, you now need an I.D. for voting in Wisconsin. Here is a link for information about what you need, what qualifies, and more.

Wisconsin Eye Public Affairs Network
An online news service for information on Wisconsin Government. Worth a daily look to see what is happening in your state.

Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau Spotlight
Want to know what is really happening in Madison? Here is the place for the latest news on what is happening.

Keep involved

Don't let this election push you down. Keep active, help the district, county, state, country, world be a better place. Find your issue, follow your passion.
Check out Blue Jean Nation, a group for the politically homeless.