Water Privatization

Our water fight is getting national press. This legislation proposed by my opponent, regarding the privatizing of municipal water and sewer utilities is just another example of how he does not represent the people of his district, but in fact those of large corporations with deep pockets. Just take a look at his current bill.

Out of the 582 water utilities in Wisconsin, not one has asked for this legislation. How did it get brought up then you might ask? Well, Tyler met with Pennsylvania company, Aqua America’s lobbyist of course. After this meeting he agreed to support, introduce and help push through the legislation.

Currently private corporations can, and do own, municipal water and sewer utilities so what’s the big deal? Well, under the current law there must be a referendum allowing the municipal board to sell the utility. Also no out of state corporations own any Wisconsin utilities. This bill would take care of both of those pesky regulations. The local boards can make these deals and sign away our rights to our water whenever and however they like. That is unless someone finds out about the deal and gets 10% of the municipality to sign a petition requesting a voting referendum within 60 days of the sale being announced. And the purchasing company doesn’t have to be headquartered in Wisconsin anymore.

Whether you think privatization of services is a good idea or not, you should be concerned by how and why this legislation is being pushed. Why are we allowing out of state corporations to dictate our rules and regulations? Just who is actually benefiting from this legislation? Why are they getting rid of the referendum requirement? Because, We the People, are not intelligent enough to make decisions about our local services?

Nothing about this bill sits well with me. How about you?


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