Strong Local Economy

We’ve all seen the stats.  If we each spent $100 more a year on local businesses instead of chain stores, we’d put an extra $3 million into our economy and create a thousand more jobs.  But can it really be that simple?  Yes!  Yes it is.

While we really have no control over what happens in the international, or even the national economy, we can insulate ourselves, somewhat, on at the local level. By circulating our money within our local communities, we will be able to weather the boom and bust cycles that are becoming increasingly more frequent.

The best part is we will be strengthening our communities at the same time.  When we spend our money locally, our local stores and cafes will experience increased demand for their services and products.  This leads to real job creation. And with more people employed there will, in turn, be more money to spend at other local establishments.  And so the cycle continues.

We all work hard for our money.  Use it wisely.  One of the best parts of a capitalist economy is that we really do vote with our dollars.  Vote for local businesses.  Vote for family run businesses.  Vote for businesses that strengthen our communities.  We really can make a difference, one dollar at a time.


Keep involved

Don't let this election push you down. Keep active, help the district, county, state, country, world be a better place. Find your issue, follow your passion.
Check out Blue Jean Nation, a group for the politically homeless.