In rural areas of Wisconsin we’re starting to see the negative impact of subsidizing private schools with public money. Simply put, the private school subsidy is stealing critical funding from our community schools. No one who lives in a rural community will deny that our community school is the heart of our community.  We’ve all had our lives changed by a dedicated teacher in our local public school, pushing us to be better. It’s the social hub of our community. Who hasn’t participated in an event, game or gathering in our local school? It’s where our children learn and grow, in a safe and supporting environment, to be our future leaders.

All those good things are in jeopardy because a select few. Because of their self-serving and divisive agenda, our local schools face a shortage of funding now and into the future. What will our children have to do without? How will this affect their future opportunities and our communities? Only time will tell. But why should we risk our future?

It’s time to put the focus and investment back into what helps make our communities strong and vibrant for everyone – our local public school.  Just as we take care of our heart, so must we take care of the heart of our community. I’ve had enough of divisive politicians playing favorites. It’s time for a real change to bring us together for a brighter stronger future.  Stronger Together!

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Check out Blue Jean Nation, a group for the politically homeless.