A Note from Christine

Christine Welcher




Thank You

I just wanted to thank all my supporters and volunteers for all their time and energy throughout this campaign.  Words cannot express my gratitude.  I, personally, am disappointed, but the people have spoken.  We ran an amazing, grass-roots campaign and I wouldn’t change a thing.  We knocked on doors in every municipality in our district.  We stood at intersections around the district to get our name out and we had listening sessions around the district starting in February to hear your concerns.

We did amazingly well here in the 32nd.  We got more votes than any of the other Dems on the ballot which means we got conservatives to cross over and vote for us.  We ended with better percentages than Dems running in other areas of the state, many of whom had run before.  We started with almost no name recognition, no deep rooted ties to the area, and no money and yet we got almost 40% of the vote in a state that is the 5th worst gerrymandered in the history of United States. That is something for which to be extremely proud!  Congratulations to you all!!!  You made it happen!

I wish I had been able to talk to more people. I wish I had the opportunity to explain that I am not loyal to any political party. My loyalty lies with the people.  The fact that I don’t have deep roots in any area can be explained by my family’s military service.  I believe moving around the country and state has made me flexible, open-minded and able to be empathic to other people’s concerns and struggles.

The results are in, but that doesn’t mean we stop engaging. Please take this disappointment and do something positive. Talk to your neighbors, family, and friends. If they say they don’t care about politics ask if they care about you. If they care about clean water, healthy food, having some sort of safety net/insurance if they or a loved one gets sick or hurt. Ask if they care about local roads, police, fire fighters and schools.  If they care that their kids have a future that’s better than what they have.  If they say yes to any of these, get them involved!

We must hold our representatives accountable for their votes and actions, especially if they go against their campaign promises.  I heard time and time again how bi-partisan my opponent is.  I will watch to make sure he continues to work with Democrats and Independents on bills and also helps to ensure their bills also are brought up for votes.  I wish him all the best as he works to improve the conditions of all Wisconsinites.

Now is not the time for Midwestern politeness. Now is the time to dig down deep & pull out that grit, determination, and fierceness that gets us through winters, droughts and long hot summer days in the fields.  Pull out that spirit of justice and equality which gave birth to, not only the Republican Party but also the Progressive Party. We deserve better than what we currently have and now we have to work together to hold those in power accountable and demand that We, The People are heard.  We are Wisconsin!

Never, ever, ever give up!



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